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  • 16 years providing financial services worldwide
  • Regulated
  • Available in more than 190 countries
  • $10 Minimum deposit and $1 minimum trade
  • More than 750,000 traders from all around the world
  • Zero fees on deposits and withdrawals

Broker Information

Grand Capital is a financial services provider, a forex broker that was founded in 2006. Grand Capital is one of the oldest forex brokers in the market with long experience in forex trading and with providing top notch financial services to its clients. Grand Capital has won more than 18 international awards and is regulated.

Grand Capital has worldwide network of offices in more than 40 countries including Europe, South Asia, Africa, India, and Latin America and it available in 15 languages. Currently, Grand Capital as financial services and forex broker serves more than 750,000 clients in 190 countries.

Grand Capital offers multiple ways of trading including Forex Trading, Social Trading and Share Dealing. The forex broker also makes its trading platform accessible via a web platform for desktops and laptops and also via mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Overall, Grand Capital is a well-established forex broker with a long history in the forex market.

Is Grand Capital legit?

In this extensive review will answer the most asked and important question of traders looking to start trading with Grand Capital. During this forex broker review of Grand Capital, our experts will test and examine thoroughly every key aspect of the process from history and safety of Grand Capital, the registration process, the trading platform to the deposit and withdrawals and also the fees and commissions.

If you have previously visited our website and read our binary options broker reviews, you might know the methodology our experts use when reviewing a financial broker. Even if you are new in our website, here you will be able to learn every information you need before starting trading with one of our featured brokers. We test and examine every key aspect of a broker and help traders make the right choice safely and securely. Our job is to scan every forex and binary options broker online and provide you with reviews you can trust in an unbiased manner.

In our forex reviews section, you might noticed that currently only Grand Capital is featured and that is for the fact that this forex broker is one of the best rated you can find out there. A conclusion this not only from our examination but also from our online community. Our reviews are a complex outcome from the technical aspects our expert traders test and from the feedback we get from our community.

Grand Capital sits high in the forex broker market and in this review, we will further elaborate our tests, explain everything you need to know in detail and help you as a trader make the right choice.

Grand Capital Advantages

Broker Information Card





Suite 102 Aarti Chambers, Mont Fleuri, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles


FinaCom, Serenity


Worldwide in more than 190 countries (except USA and Japan)






40% on first deposit and in every deposit after that. Claim your bonus here.


Up to 95%


0 (No fees or commissions on deposits and withdrawals)


Yes, with accurary


Yes, FREE and Unlimited with $10,000 pre-funded. Access DEMO here.


Credit/debit cards, cryptocurrencies, various e-wallets




More than 330 assets, divided in Forex, stocks, commodities, energies, metals, indices and crypto


Yes, available with copy trading also available




Yes allowed


Yes, with dozens of how-to articles and videos


Yes, available Android and iOS apps


Proprietary, webtrader, MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5



Is Grand Capital a regulated forex broker?

Grand Capital is regulated by the international financial commission, FinaCom. FinaCom protects the interest of traders and their funds buy preventing not authorized usage. Grand Capital guarantees that with the help of FinaCom and the blockchain technology provided by Serenity Escrow.

One of most important factors our financial experts give special consideration during a review is the regulation and the safety a forex broker provides to the trades. Grand Capital, 16 years now in the forex market tries to makes sure it checks all the boxes for security and reliability for traders, and it succeeds. We doubled checked all the regulations Grand Capital presents in their website and they come as true.


Diving further in the Grand Capital Review

During the rest of this detailed forex broker review, updated for 2022, of Grand Capital we will dive more into the features of the broker and we’ll give the final score our experts gave.

Traders often get confused when searching online for the review of a forex. With elaborate financial statements and difficult terminology can make the experience complex and traders end up having more questions that they had in the beginning.

When starting trading, it is extremely important to have a reliable broker by your side as this factor is directly tied to your success. In this review of Grand Capital but also in every review we publish in our website, our experts have in mind the new trading just starting out. What information would they need when choosing a broker? What structure that information needs to have in order to be easier to understand? What language and terminology a detailed review needs to use in order to be more easy to digest? We put a lot of time to answering these questions and have user friendly reviews with main focus the traders.

As you probably know by now, online trading can be risky just like any other type of investment, thus it is really important to do your own research before for the company you are choosing as your broker. Trading different assets with Grand Capital like Forex trading, Social Trading and Share Dealing is a process that is secure and reliable and your investment is in good hands.

In this review we will assets all the bells and weasels in trading with Grand Capital and will provide you important information about this forex broker. In this detailed review, traders will learn valuable information about Grand Capital and final score provided by our experts will help them make the right choice for their investment.

Is Grand Capital safe and secure?

Traders while searching for different forex reviews should be extremely aware about the company structure and regulatory status of the specific broker. Grand Capital was established and a financial service provider in 2006, making 2022 its 16-th year in the business.

Grand Capital is regulated, meaning that your funds are safe with FinaCom overseeing every transaction and making sure there is no foul play. Serenity Escrow is another financial technology provides which by utilizing blockchain technology ensures that traders’ funds are safe. When traders initiate a withdraw request with Grand Capital, it can be sure that it will go through without any issues, a very important factor we test in our review. If you want to visit by now the Grand Capital platform you can click here.

Is my money safe with Grand Capital?

What makes us stand up from others, besides our 25-point check review policy of a broker, is the fact that we use real funds, yes really money, when we examine and review a broker. This puts us in the same position with a trader investing his own money gives the advantage to take all the risks implied before you do and let know beforehand. Our experts first start by creating a new account with any broker they review and after the activation they continue the deposit process. Grand Capital makes this process really simple. Even new traders with little or no experience at all can go through the depositing process without any issues.

The deposit methods offered by Grand Capital include different debit and credit cards, various e-wallets, known cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) and as well as wire transfers. All these funds are transferred to a secure segregated bank account monitored by FinaCom and Serenity.

Grand Capital partners with Tier 1 banks for extended security as these types of banks are considered the safest in handling investment capital. Tier 1 banks have the required capital core to withstand client losses meaning that if somehow Grand Capital goes out of business and closes its operations the bank is withheld responsible for the trader’s withdrawal requests and fulfills them no questions asked.

During the research and review of Grand Capital, our experts were extremely optimistic when discovering the usage of Tier 1 banks by Grand Capital. You now, as a trader can safely assume that Grand Capital is secure and reliable forex broker.

Grand Capital is a regulated and secure forex broker accepted by the Financial Commission. Right now Grand Capital is considered a Category A Broker by providing security to each client under the supervision of FinaCom.

FinaCom provides liquidity up to €20,000 to Grand Capital’s clients securing their funds. This provides additional safety of potential wrongdoings of the broker and trader can be rest assured that their funds are in good hands. During our research we found no complaints submitted on FinaCom by any Grand Capital traders. The FinaCom membership of Grand Capital can be verified with this link: https://financialcommission.org/grand-capital.


Regulated and Secure

Serving traders worldwide since 2006

Depositing in Grand Capital Platform

While some other forex brokers require huge amounts of money, sometimes ranging from $5,000 to $10,000, Grand Capital definitely is not one of them. As we mentioned earlier in this review, Grand Capital is forex broker that was founded back in 2006 so it’s online normal for them to have their services optimized and adapted to the traders needs.

In order to provide you with accurate information about the forex brokers our experts review, we use real money when we test them. We were positively surprised when we found out that only with a minimum of $10 traders can create a forex account with Grand Capital. This is the “sweet spot” for traders when it comes to creating a new account with a forex broker because it is not a high amount nor a comically low amount to start with Grand Capital.

Credit/Debit Cards

You can use either Visa or Mastercard.


Coinbase wallet, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Zcash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dai, Paxos Standart and Tether USD.


MoMo Wallet, Advcash and Perfect Money.

Wire Transfers

Bank wire transfers are available depending on your region.

Often these types of brokers, provide you with technical analysis and other tools that are required to gain insights on the forex market and this is why a $0 amount is not realistic. Grand Capital indeed offers a big suite of tools to traders opening a real account, giving you this way all the necessary trading arsenal and be ready for your first trade.

You can visit Grand Capita’s website here and see for yourself.

Withdrawing money from Grand Capital

It is of course tremendously important that you as a trader to be able to withdraw your winnings from the platform without problems. Our trading experts, when they review a forex broker, they test with every detail the withdrawing process so traders reading this can know for sure what to expect. In Grand Capital the withdrawing transaction process is very easy and very fast. You don’t have to wait countless hours to see the money in your account. It literally takes minutes. You can explore the different withdrawal methods in Grand Capital here.

Withdrawing money from Grand Capital

While, Grand Capital doesn’t apply any fees or commissions upon deposits and withdrawals, some of the payment gateways you will choose might. Grand Capital offer several withdrawal methods like credit/debit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies and wire transfer (although this might not be available in some countries). Before initiating a withdraw transaction It is highly important and we definitely advise you to check with your credit or debit card issuer, your e-wallet provider and your crypto platform for any additional fees.

How to open a new account in Grand Capital

Just like Pocket Option or Quotex we reviewed lately, Grand Capital also offers a very simple registration process for its clients. First you need to Sign Up here and afterwards you will receive your confirmation email. The next step is to make a deposit, which as we already mentioned it’s just $10. Part of the registration process and standard KYC verification measures is to provide some additional documents in order to verify your account and solidify your overall account security.

These checks and verification steps are a standard practice among regulated brokers. Even though might seem lengthy they aren’t indeed because they add extra layers of security to your own account diminishing the possibility of compromising your account and therefore your funds.

We will show you how to open a new account with Grand Capital right below:

  1. Go to www.grandcapital.net
  2. Click the green button “Open Account”.
  3. You will be redirected in the registration form as shown below:

4. You can either choose social networks or the traditional way of entering manually your details. Remember to use a correct email address and a complicated password for additional security.

After you have completed the step above you will be guided through the process of downloading the necessary trading platforms like MetaTrader4 or MetaTrader5.

Available Countries

Grand Capital is an international forex broker and financial services provider. Grand Capital makes available its services in 190 countries worldwide and no matter you are located the chances are that are eligible to access the broker’s services. Traders from UK are welcomed into the Grand Capital platform although US citizens are not.

Our Experts Score: 5.0/5 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

16 years providing financial services worldwide


Available in more than 190 countries

$10 Minimum deposit and $1 minimum trade

More than 750,000 traders from all around the world

Zero fees on deposits and withdrawals


Available Currencies

During our review, we were pleased to find out that several account currencies are available when opening an account in Grand Capital. This is a very well-thought option from the Grand Capital’s side because it offers traders the comfort of trading in their native currency and avoid pricey currency conversions.

Available Currencies

Once you have opened your account you will be redirected in the following screen:

Live Trading Accounts

Grand Capital offers a ton of possibilities and several live trading account types letting traders choose based on their experience and style. Grand Capital offers six different account types as follows:

  1. Real Standard – Optimally balanced
  2. ECN Prime – Perfect for experienced traders
  3. MT5 – Perfect account for algorithmic trading in MetaTrader5
  4. Swap Free – Designed specifically for traders of Islamic faith
  5. Micro – For novice traders
  6. Crypto – Crypto trading

Demo Accounts

Demo is also available in Grand Capital and it only requires a basic registration (name, email, phone and password). Remember to use a correct email address as it will be used to verify your account via the link Grand Capital will send you up registration. Once you verify your account your demo account will be funded with $10,000 virtual money. Demo account serve the purpose of getting the handle of the platform and test your trading knowledge and capabilities. In the Demo Account section they are three account types available as follows:

  1. Real Standard – Perfect for safe start and testing trading strategies
  2. ECN Prime – Demo ECN account benefits
  3. MT5 – Perfect account for algorithmic trading in MT5

Trading Platforms

Grand Capital among other forex broker, beside other advantages we have presented during this is review, offers wide platform accessibility for the traders. No matter what platform is more comfortable for you, Grand Capital has an app there too. The proprietary mobile trading of Grand Capital is called “Grand Trade” and offers everything you need to start trading right away. Next, the classic universal trading platforms like MetraTrader4 and MetaTrader5 are also available for the more experienced traders. MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 are available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Finally, the most convenient one, the WebTrader is available directly from your web browser and there is no need to install third party apps or whatsoever.

Available Trading Instruments

Grand Capital offers the largest number of assets you can start trading. It is always a positive when a forex broker platform offers a wide choice of assets. Traders can freely choose and find everything in one place. It happened before that traders had to open three of four separate trading accounts because they didn’t have all the assets they wanted in one place. That’s not the case with Grand Capital as the known forex broker integrates the widest range of financial instruments in its trading platform for online trading, making them available anytime, anywhere.

Currently more that 330 trading instruments are available in the forex trading platform of Grand Capital and they are divided in the following categories:

  • Currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Metals
  • Energies
Trading Instruments 1 - Grand Capital Review 2022
Trading Instruments 2 - Grand Capital Review 2022
Trading Instruments 3 - Grand Capital Review 2022

Promotions and Bonuses

Grand Capital correctly states in its website that it is the “home of the greatest offers” and that is true. During the examination of Grand Capital our experts found out that a 40% bonus is applied not only on first deposit but on every deposit! This is great for traders, because they practically earn 40% every single time they deposit funds in their Grand Capital account. Also any profits made from that bonus can also be withdrawn with $0 fees.


40% Bonus on first deposit and on every deposit!

Market Analysis and Economic Calendar

Grand Capital is an all in one trading platform and employs top financial experts. Available daily via email or from within the platform, traders can get informed of the latest market news and detailed market analysis. Grand Capital offers top resources and help you plan your traders accordingly.

A great tool for traders is also the economic calendar providing in real time substantial news that shape prices around the world. Our experts double checked all the informational resources found on Grand Capital’s website and they are accurate to the last detailed.

Traders don’t need to have various news and media outlets as they can rely on the financial resources Grand Capital provides them.



Our experts here at FX Binary Consulting spent the last part of 2021 and the whole month of January examining and testing every aspect of Grand Capital. In order to create this detailed review our experts had to test the platform with real money and every other process that can “make or break” a broker’s reputation.

Grand Capital has a very good track record in the last 16 years is operating in the forex market. We are not talking here for a standalone company that offers one single service and that’s it. We are talking about a multi-dimensional platform and an international company that besides forex also operates in the binary options market with GC Option (read our GC Option review here). Grand Capital to this point, counts more than 750,000 clients worldwide. Trader that praise Grand Capital validity, security and safety. It is an active community, and from our research they provide positive feedback all around. As a trader you might wonder or even get confused with the endless number of brokers they are available and can’t seem to choose the right one. You might question yourself “Is Grand Capital a trustworthy broker?”.

The answer is yes! Grand Capital is a serious broker that offers security for the traders. With regulation and other financial supervising entities ensures that your capital is yours and only yours. Grand Capital offers very good trading conditions and transparent prices on the assets available. Other features like Social Trading and Copy Trading enchance the overall trading experience making it even more easier to start. Grand Capital welcomes new traders from all around the world and it provides with top-tier trading and educational materials that can only level up your existing trading capabilities.

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