Our Reviewing Process

Reviews you can trust from Industry Experts

We have a simple goal here at FX Binary Consulting: help traders from around the world make educated decisions when choosing a a forex or a binary options broker. Every broker you will find in this website is gone through very detailed examination in every key aspect so we can make sure your funds are safe. Our experts at FX Binary Consulting use real money when creating accounts in the broker platforms we review, because we want to test everything before you do.

We take great pride in our work here and our reviews are praised as very accurate and trustworthy from the trading community. Every traders needs to make his own research and we are by his side to make sure he chooses the best broker available.

Industry Experts

Although we do our best to test every forex and binary options broker, you as a trader have to do your own research. Online trading is risky, just like every other investment opportunity and traders must have in mind that we at FX Binary Consulting do not offer financial advices. It is your own capital and you should always make sure you invest responsibly. Our website is for informational purposes and help traders from all around the world learn more about the financial market. Our team of experts, are seasoned professionals in the financial industry with the only goal to share and provide knowledge in their industry of expertise.

Our reviews are a combination of online feedback from the trading community with the detailed examination our experts conduct. We use a 25-point system we have developed in order to measure the performance of each broker in key segments. Finally our experts assign a final score to the reviewed broker that ranges from 0 to 5.

Our Unique 25-Point Scoring System

During the years we have developed and optimized our 25-point scoring system. When we conduct a new review for a forex or binary options broker, this scoring template helps us have a clear testing guide in every key aspect. Our scoring systems ensures our reviews are accurate and unbiased and have in focus the safety of the traders.

Our reviews are based on a variety of important factors like:

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